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Dr. Michele Y. Griffith has over 30 years of experience as a physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She has been utilizing telemedicine to deliver healthcare since 2008.


“I became an early adopter of telehealth because I saw it as a means of increasing access to healthcare for the underserved and unserved. It has the potential to eradicate barriers and disrupt healthcare as we know it.”


As a member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) since 2012, she advocates for the expansion of telemedicine and digital health globally and the increased representation of women in the field. In January of 2022, she was the first woman in the organization’s 25-year history to be elected President of the ISfTeH. 


Dr. Griffith has practiced in both the acute care and outpatient settings; the first half of her career in hospitals and acute care facilities. Passionate about holistic, preventive care, she switched her focus to outpatient care over 15 years ago. An unrelenting patient advocate, she has empowered her patients with the education and tools necessary to maintain wellness. At Premise Health, a leading worksite health care company in the United States, she served as Medical Director for the Fortune 100 company, TIAA,  for over 13 years. In that role, she collaborated with other clinicians, wellness coaches, mental health counselors and disease management nurses to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to employees and trained midlevel providers in the art of telemedicine to successfully implement a clinical blended healthcare delivery model.



She was the Founder of, a platform for telemedicine advocacy, digital health training and consulting. She recently joined the staff of Calibrate, an obesity management telemedicine start-up with a mission of “changing the way the world treats weight”. Dr. Griffith lectures internationally on Telemedicine/digital health.
After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Biological Basis of Behavior, Dr. Griffith received her medical education from Yale School of Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She completed an internship at Mount Sinai School of Medicine/North General Hospital and Internal Medicine residency at Harvard Medical School/Mount Auburn Hospital. She was certified in Integrative Medicine in 2008 and completed a business leadership in Integrative Medicine program at Duke University in 2016.


She enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, the arts and spending quality time with her 5 children.

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