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Dr. Michele Y. Griffith

Empowering you to take control of your health.



It’s a new chapter in my life and I’m eagerly anticipating - without expectation- what it has in store. After being a doc for over 30 years I realize I’m still as fascinated by practice of medicine as I was at the age of 12 watching Marcus Welby, MD on TV. “


What works for my family” has been the guiding light in my career choices but now that the youngest of 5 has graduated high school, “mom” is not only switching gears but “putting it into high gear!” No empty nester syndrome here as I was unraveling my nest at the start of my son’s senior year.


“The best education” as defined by my father led me to be an ivy league trained physician - from undergrad through residency but my traditional career path ended there. I was pregnant with my first child the 4th year of medical school at Columbia/ College of Physicians and Surgeons and finished all graduation requirements a week before delivery. I took time off from training many times ( the first time for medical reasons). In retrospect, I am so grateful for those special days spent bonding and breastfeeding my children during their critical infant and toddler years.


My longest break of 5 years occurred due to hyperemesis of pregnancy during my internship. I resigned, gave birth to my second and then 3rd child before retiring to the rigors of training when the youngest was almost 2. during which time I had my 2nd and 3rd child before restarting my internship after resigning from my first internship due to hyperemesis of pregnancy. Now… 5 children and several divorces later… been there…done that another chapter begins.



Dr. G Cares is about who I am and my decades long God given gift to connect. It’s about sharing what I know but also learning along the way because I will always be a student of life- eager to learn and experience new things.


I’ve been practicing internal medicine for over 30 years and Lifestyle Medicine for 15- I’m certified in both. I’ve been telemedicine since 2008 and now serve as president of an international organization with over 110 countries and territories so I lecture and train telemedicine.



This website provides info on my availability for digital health consulting, speaking engagements, and training for health care professionals on the art of the Virtual visit. My “favorite” part of the website is “My favorite things” where I share products, foods, places and people whom I recommend including some with links to purchase. .



An international public speaker with a wide range of knowledge and experience, I am passionate about helping people to live healthier, more meaningful lives. I cover topics that range from diet and exercise to mental health and technology.

  • Digital health/telemedicine

  • Women empowerment in digital health

  • Digital health and closing the healthcare gap

  • Primary care and digital health

  • The art of the virtual visit

  • Training in digital health

  • Life. Style. Change: shifting from disease care to health care

  • Menopause or “The Men- All -Pause”- you decide

  • Menopause: living your life like it golden

  • Black women and health- empowering

  • Digital health

  • Motherhood, career and Guilt- I’m not your superwoman.


I believe in providing you with the best advice, tips and recommendations no matter what your interests. From healthy food to relaxing travel spots, Dr. G Cares has you covered with my favorite things to do, see and eat. Let me help you make the most of your next adventure. 


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